Ebony. This wood, which is extremely hard, and susceptible of a very fine polish, is much used in mosaic, inlaying, and other ornamental works. Its colour is red, black, or green. The black is most esteemed, and is imported principally from Madagascar and the Isle of France. Red ebony, so called, though its colour is brown, striped with black, is less compact, and is also brought from Madagascar. The green is softer than either of the preceding, yields a fine green tincture, which is employed in dyeing, and is brought from the West Indies, particularly from Tobago, as well as from the above-mentioned islands. The best is jet black, and free from knots or reddish veins. Ebony is imitated by subjecting the pear-tree to a hot decoction of galls, and when this is dry, applying ink with a stiff brush.