Elm-Destroying Scolytus.

Scarcely has the elm begun to leaf, than the Scolytus destructor, or elm-destroying Scolytus begins her operations; and most dexterously does she effect her purpose. She may be met with in dry weather, even amid the stir and hum of London; and wherever the tree whose name the bean lifts up its green head, in squares or gardens, there is she. You may is formidable little insect upon their trunk-, making a pa-through the bark, and then dexterously cavating a kind of tunnel between the bank and wood, wherein she deposits her eggs, thus forming a nest for her future progeny, and for herself a tomb; for she dies when her work is done, and is generally found at the extremity of her channel, as if conscious that her end was approaching, and unwilling to impede the future operations of her progeny. Scarcely, however, have the lavae emerged from their eggs than they begin to feed, working nearly at right angles from path formed by their careful parent, and proceeding almost parallel to one another, They may even be found alive in January; and it is therefore probable that they work during the whole winter, when, in consequence of the sap being down, the bark adheres less firmly, and the progress of the grub is consequently not impeded.

Elm Destroying Scolytus 284