Hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics consist in certain symbols which are made to stand for invisible objects, on account of some analogy which such symbols were supposed to bear to the objects. Egypt was the country where this sort of writing was most studied, and brought, into a regular science. In hieroglyphics was conveyed all the boasted knowledge of their priests. According to the properties which they ascribed to animals, they chose them to be the emblems of moral objects. Thus ingratitude was expressed by a viper; imprudence, by a fly ; wisdom, by an ant; knowledge, by an eye; eternity, by a circle, which has neither begininning nor end; a man universally shunned, by an eel, which they supposed to be found with no other fish. Sometimes they joined two or more of these characters together; as, a serpent with a hawk's head denoted nature, with God presiding over it. Hieroglyphics may be made an interesting medium for instructing the young, as occasionally shown in the " Pastime" department of some of our magazines.