Wine (How To Choose). Choose port wine which runs smooth on the palate, and is free from all heat and harshness. It should be soft as velvet, if for immediate consumption, and have none of that astrin-gency which somewhat resembles Peruvian bark. In wines new from the country, this taste is sure to be perceptible; but if, after due care and keeping, it be found to remain on bottling, the wine is bad. Medical men have sometimes recommended port wine for this very quality; but it is a defect in the wine, and will not remedy by age. Some call it stalkiness. Flavours are not easily defined in their gradations by language - richness of flavour bordering upon sweetness ; brightness of colour, hue neither purple, nor reddish, nor too deep ; generous in taste, and what wine-merchants call fruitiness, are qualities with port-wine drinkers, - imitated in an adulteration with gerupega, - and what may be called oiliness, rather than dryness. Care must be taken that the wines purchased in bottle are of the right age, neither too green nor too slight. They should be clear and bright.