To Extract Corks From Bottles. A simple invention may exist unknown. This is illustrated in your case. You have " been greatly troubled by corks getting within bottles, and have waisted hours in endeavouring to extract them." The engraving illustrates a simple instrument formed of twisted wire, with a moveable ring (A), by which its four "fingers" may be closed. Move the ring down to the extremities of the fingers, and insert the latter into the neck of the bottle, still holding fast of the ring, and drawing it back as the instrument is pushed inward. When thus inserted, the fingers will open, as in the engraving; then turn the bottle upside down, and by shaking it, the cork will soon be brought within the open fingers; then draw the instrument out, the while sliding the ring again on the fingers to secure their hold of the cork. When fairly tightened, the cork may be drawn out without any difficulty. It will be observed that the points of the fingers, (B), are sharply bent, by which, when they once lay hold of the cork, they do not release it readily. The plan is very successful.

How To Extract Corks From Bottles 180