Drawing. The principle of light, shadow, and reflection, for solid objects, may be studied by a very simple process. Select a white globe, - a billiard-ball will answer the purpose, - place it in a room in which there fa one window; then turn it in different lights, and it will be observed that there is only one part of it which can he represented perfectly white, the other rays falling obliquely upon a receding surface, it falls at last into perfect shadow, and is only relieved by the reflection of surrounding objects on the opposite side. An oval may be represented by an egg, a cone by rolling up paper in the form of an extinguisher. It is by these simple models that the pupil can readily study all the general principles of shallowing. The same principles of light and shade is applicable to each study of the art; simplicity is one of the leading characteristics of beauty in every object for the study of a young artist.