Models. The first models were figures of living persons, and Dibutates, the Corinthian, was the inventor of those in clay. His daughter, known by the designation of the Corinthian Maid, being about to be separated from her lover, who was going on a distant journey, traced his profile by his shadow on the wall; her father tilled up the outline with clay, which he afterwards baked, and thus produced a figure of the object of her affection, giving rise to an art till then unknown, about nine hundred and eighty-five years before Christ. One of the most surprising efforts ever achieved by human industry was that undertaken by General Pliffner, to model the mountains of Switzerland. It was begun in 1766, and completed in 1785, a period of nearly twenty years. Bonaparte was a patron and lover of this art, many admirable performances in which, as a reward to the artist, he purchased, weight for weight, according to their bulk, in silver or gold. On one occasion, a humble price of 400 francs being set upon a work, he erased the word francs, in lieu of which he inserted Napoleons, and directed them to be paid.