Galvanic Battery (To Form). For quickly forming a good, cheap, and powerful galvanic battery, we believe no method to be more available, than that on Mr. Grove's principle, first given by Dr. Goldingbird. " Procure the bowls of six tobacco-pipes, and stop up the holes, left by breaking off the pipes, with sealing wax. Place on the table six small glass tumblers.

a, glass tumbler; b, zinc cylinder; c, pipe bowl: d. platinum foil.

each an inch high, like those used by children as toys; place in each a cylinder of amalgamated zinc; let a pipe-bowl rest in each cylinder, and place in every one a slip of thin platinum foil, one and. a-quarter inches long and half an inch wide, connected at the zinc cylinder by platinum wire; till the pipe-bowls with nitric acid, and the tumblers with dilute sulphuric acid, and an energetic current of electricity will be set free, capable of rapidly decomposing water, igniting wire, charcoal points, etc.

How To Form Galvanic Battery 204