Respiration (Agents Which Increase). Walking and running at various amounts of speed, walking in the

Sea, riding on horseback in the various paces, riding in carriages and on the railway in different classes, and on the engine at various rates of speed, the labour of the tread-wheel, ascending and descending steps; rowing, swimming, (MarshallHall's ready method), reading and singing, carrying various weights at a certain speed, cold bathing, albumen (egg), gelatine, beefsteak, oatmeal, wheaten bread, potatoes, milk, suet and milk, sugar, rum, tea, coffee, ether, sunlight, heat.

Agents which Decrease the Quantity of Air Breathed. Darkness, cold air inspired, all fats, as cod liver oil, olive oil, butter, beef fat, arrowroot, brandy, wine, kirchen-wasser, compound and foetid spirits of ammonia, opium, morphia, hydrocyanic acid, tartar emetic, and salines, as chloride of sodium, and febrifuge medicines.

Agents which have a Mixed Effect. Chloroform, chloric ether, and amylene. Digitalis first increases and then decreases the quantity.