Cod Liver Oil. This imported oil is prepared by exposing the livers to the heat of the sun in tubs till putrefaction takes place; drawing off the oil, and boiling the livers to obtain more oil. In this country the bland pale straw-coloured variety is obtained by heating the livers over a slow tire, and stirring till they break down into a pulp. When the temperature has risen to 159 Fahr., the pulp is placed in canvas bags, and in 24 hours the oil which drains out is separated from the watery liquor which accompanies it. Obtained in this way, the oil has been found to produce all the therapeutic effects ascribed to the more offensive kinds, and is less liable to disagree with the stomach. It is used in scrofula, consumption, rheumatism, debility, etc. The dose is a table-spoonful or two, three times a day for two or three months. It may be taken in water or with a little salt. The Americans take the nauseous draught in porter. It appears to be highly nutritive as well as alterative. It contains iodine and bromine.