Bleeding At The Nose. When bleeding at the nose occurs otherwise than as the result of violence, it is usually in consequence of the over-fulness of some of the vessels about the brain, and is the consequence of an effort of nature to relieve the congestion. "When, however, it is the result of violence, or is continued beyond a few minutes, or takes place in excessive quantity, it should be checked as soon as possible. Of the various methods, the following is perhaps the most useful: - Let the patient sit and hold the head back while cold water is dashed over the face. Let him also sniff aromatic vinegar, or smelling salts. May be sometimes checked by the person sitting upright and bathing the nose externally with cold water, or vinegar and water, and sniffing it up the nostrils. Should it continue, a moderate pinch of powdered alum may be put into a couple of tablespoonfuls of water and thrown up with a squirt, or a plug of lint dipped in this wash and placed up the nostril, taking care to fasten a strong thread securely round it.