Fruit, (The Best Time For Eating). The question is of some importance, and deserves a few remarks. Fruit is digestible in proportion to its perfection, and hence the care to be observed with regard to ripeness. The drier fruits are adapted to cool and dry weather; the moister ones to the hotter. Thus the less juicy sorts of cherries, pears, and peaches, are not only most grateful but most salutary when the weather is excessively hot; while the currant, and melon, and the moist peach, are best adapted to the hottest weather. The same may be said of the different hours of the day. If fruits are eaten at all late in the day, especially after midday, they should be the more watery, as the melon. Fruit should generally be eaten in the early part of the day, and seldom late in the evening. The morning is, on the whole, best, and next to that, perhaps, the middle of the day. The worst time is the hour just before going to bed.