Fruit (To Pack For Carriage).

If fruit is to be sent to any considerable distance, great care should be taken in packing it: it should net be done in baskets, as they are liable to be bruised among heavy luggage, and the fruit of course will be impaired. Forsyth, therefore, recommends boxes made of strong deal, of different sizes, according to the quantity of fruit to be packed. In packing, proceed thus: - First put a layer of fine, long, dry moss in the bottom of the tin box, then a layer of currants or cherries, then another layer of moss, and so on alternately fruit and moss, until the box is so full that when the lid is hasped down the fruit may be so firmly packed as to preserve them from friction. Then make a layer of tine moss and short, soft, dry grass, well mixed, in the bottom of the deal box; pack in the melons with some of the same, tight in between all the rows, and also between the melons in the same row, till the layer is finished; choosing the fruit as nearly of a size as possible, tilling up every interstice with the moss and grass. When the melons are packed, put a thin layer of moss and grass over them, upon which place the tin box with the currants, packing it firmly all round with moss to prevent it from shaking; then put a thin aver of moss over the box, and pack the pears firmly (but so as not to bruise them) on that layer, in the same manner as the melons; and so on with the peaches, necta-rinea, plums, and lastly the grapes, filling up the box with moss, that the lid may shut down so light as to prevent any friction among the fruit. The boxes should have locks, and two keys which may serve for, them all: each of the persons who pack and unpack the fruit having a key. The moss and grass should always be returned in the boxes, which, with a little addition, will serve the whole season, being shaken up and well aired after each journey, and keeping it sweet and clean. After the wooden box is locked, cord it firmly. If fruit be packed according to the above directions, it may be sent to the farthest parte of the kingdom with perfect safety.