Nursery Pictures (To Preserve). Pictures are an almost endless source of amusement to children, and as a great variety may now be had at a trilling cost, there are but few families where some are not to be found: there are, perhaps, as few families where vexation has not been experienced in finding how soon the mere paper pictures are torn. A simple plan, by which children may use them for years, without tearing, is to paste them onto cheap calico - or the better part of worn-out calico garments will do just as well. Rub with a little smooth flour paste, the back of the picture and the calico on which it is to be put; lay the picture smooth upon the calico, and leave it to dry gradually ; when quite dry, neatly cut round the edges, and the picture will bear all the treatment children are likely to give it, without being torn. Parents who have not tried, would be surprised what a fund of amusement they might inexpensively acquire for their children, if they would so serve every picture that comes in their way, and provide a portfolio, or box for their reception.