Lace (To Wash). Cover a bottle (the larger the better) with a linen case made to fit tight: calico will not be found to answer Roll the lace round it, taking care that the edge is kept smooth, and that the head of the succeeding round covers it; tack the lace if there are several lengths, in the slightest possible manner, and without any knots. When the lace is rolled round the bottle, cover it tight with linen. Then rub it well with soap (the best curd); or, if very dirty, make a strong lather, and let the bottle remain in it for a night; rinse it well by pouring water over it. If possible, expose the bottle to the sun, watering it frequently, and also to the night air, and let it dry thoroughly before you open it. Do not, on any account, use hot water, as it destroys the look of newness.