Clothes (To Brush). Have a wooden horse to put the clothes on, and a small cane to beat, the dust out of them ; also ft board or table long enough for them to be put their whole length when brushing them. Have two brushes, one a hard bristle, the other soft; use the hardest for The great coats, and for the others when spotted with dirt. Fine cloth coats should never be brushed with too hard a brush; this will take off the nap, and make them look bare in a little time. Be careful in the choice of the cane ; do not have it too large, and be particular not to hit too hard ; be careful also not to hit the buttons, for it will scratch, if not break them ; therefore a small hand-whip is the best to beat with. If a coat bo wet, and spotted with dirt, let it be quite dry before brushing it: then rub out the spots with the hands, taking care not to rumple it in so doing. If it want beating, do it as before directed ; then put the coat at its full length on a board; let the collar be towards the left hand, and the brush in the right. brush the back of the collar first, between the two shoulders next, and then the sleeves, etc, observing to brush the cloth the same way that the nap goes, which is towards the skirt of the coat. When both sides are properly done, fold them together; then brush the inside, and last of all the collar.