Lories. The name "Lory," is, like "Cockatoo," derived from the call-note of some of the species of birds to which it is applied. These are among the most eons of The Parrot family; they are all natives the East, and are, generally speaking, more delicate in their nature than the Macaws, Cockatoos, etc. Hence it is, that, although plentiful in their native climes, they are no means common here, most attempts to bring them alive to Europe being failures. It will, therefore, be understood, that much care is necessary to their preservation when in confinement. In this group of birds the tongue is not so thick and fleshy as in other Parrots, and the tip, instead of being smooth and soft, is rough and horny, being thus better adapted for extracting the nectar of flowers, and sucking the juices of soft fruits, on which they chiefly feed in a wild state; the bill, too, is more weak and slender in its proportions. There are other structural differences, into which we need not here enter.