Parakeets. The term Parakeet, or, as it is sometimes spelled, Paroquet, is a kind of diminutive of Parrot, and is usually applied to the smaller species of those beau-tiful and interesting birds of which we are now treating; as a distinctive term, however, it is of little value, as some species which are called Parrots are of smaller size than others known as Parakeets. As a general rule, it may be understood that those known by the latter name are not only the smaller, but also the more slender and elegantly-proportioned birds, with long pointed tails; several of them are distinguished by rings round the necks, and these are mostly

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Asiatic and African species. The Parrots commonly - indeed, all the true Parrots - are stout, heavy birds, with short and even, or slightly rounded tails.