Microscope. An arrangement of lenses which enables the observer to see an object, or its true image, nearer than with the naked eye, and magnified accordingly. The simplest microscope is a small hole made with a needle in a sheet of paper. The microscope is the most instructive of all instruments, and no family or school should be without one. It displays our own merely relative size, and shows that there are as many wonders which our vision does not reach, as it does. We see by it perfect animals, in all forms and habits, hundreds of which move with freedom in a drop of water, and enjoy themselves like larger species. It displays the perfect mechanism of every part of every thing, and affords a moral lesson to pride and the arrogant assumptions of man. It proves that nature is an evolution from the smallest - the indefinitely smallest - to the great; and that to understand the great, it is necessary to understand the small which produce the great. In experimenting with the microscope, cruelty to sensitive objects of curiosity should be avoided; for if your own life and comfort are desirable to you, so are they to others, and compassion should not be limited by the fears of the law. The engravings represent a section of a tree as viewed through a microscope.

Microscope 160