Mnemonics. The art of memory ; and as memory itself arises from association of ideas so mnemonics consists in associating things to be remembered with some let of familiar objects, as the rooms in a house, the streets in a city, or the buildings on a known road. This was the system by Sir R. Phillips in 1800; but in 1810, M. Feinagle applied the same system to pictures and objects in a room. About 1740, Mr. Lowe published the art of remembering dates and figures by converting them into syllables, and joining them to their or parts of them. He used mints as they best suited the formation of a syllable. a e i o u au oi ei ou y 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 100 1000 1,000,000 b d t f l s p k n z g th m

Therefore we remember the dates of the following events, and any others, thus : Deluge.... 2.348 we call Del. difk.

Troy...... 1,184 ,, Tro.. bako.

Socrates .. 396 „ Socra. tous.

Alexander.. 323 „ Alexan. tet.

making as many as we please: and in this 200 or 300 dates and numbers may easily be remembered through life. The interrogative system of education is partly founded on the same principle of asso-ciation