Rhubarb. A valuable medicinal root, growing in China, Turkey, and Russian Tartary, of which that from Turkey is the most esteemed. Rhubarb is also cultivated in English gardens, and makes delicious spring tarts.

Rhubarb 125

Rhubarb. Good rhubarb may be thus distinguished from the inferior descriptions. The general characters of good rhubarb are, its having a whitish or clear yellow colour, being dry, solid, and compact; moderately heavy and brittle; when recently broken, appearing marked with yellow or reddish as, mixed with white; being easily pulverizable ; forming a powder of a fine bright yellow, having the peculiar, nauseous, aromatic smell of rhubarb, and a sub-acrid, bitterish, somewhat astringent taste, and when chewed, feeling gritty under the speedily colouring the saliva, and not appearing very mucilaginous. The size and form of the pieces are of little consequence ; only you must break the large ones to see that they are not decayed or rotten within, and also observe that they are not musty or worm-eaten. This is the more necessary, as damaged pieces are frequently so artfully dressed up, and coloured with powdered hubarb, as to impose on the buyer by their appearance.