Dogs (Distemper In). 1. To six grams of calomel add ten grains of jalap made up into a pill with a little fat. If no favourable change takes place, repeat the dose in three or four days. The greatest care must be taken to keep the dog warm and dry (with sufficient ventilat ion); and, even when perfectly recovered, do not suffer him to go into wet for a short time, as it is certain to be attended with fatal results. In ordinary cases of illness from cold or overwork, the best medicine is good syrup of buckthorn, about two tablespoonfuls. - 2. Sixty grains of gamboge, sixty grains of calomel, sixty grains of jalap, and twelve grains of tartar emetic; make into twelve pills. One to be taken every day for three days; then rest a day, and begin again. Keep the dog warm, and give him warm broth. Nothing to be taken for two hours alter the dose. Regularly used in Yorkshire, and found most beneficial. - 3. As soon as the disease is discovered, give, for a small dog, one teaspoonful of common salt, and then one drachm of AEthiop's Mineral in three doses, one each morning. Mix the mineral with a piece of dripping on the bottom of a plate. If a large dog, the dose must he increased accordingly. - 4. As the death of four-fifths of young puppies from distemper is the result of over-feeding, especial care should be taken to have them in is poor a condition as possible. Previous to their being attacked by this disease they should not taste butcher's meat ; and, when seized, allow them to bleed very freely, by making an incision with a pair of sharp scissors on the ear. Give them a little sulphur with their food, and keep them dry and warm.