Origin Of The Names Of The States. The following information, relative to the derivation of the names of the States, will be found interesting :

Maine was first called Marvosheen, but about 1638 took the name it now bears, from Maine, a province in the west of France. The name is originally derived from the Cenomanni, an ancient Gallic people. New Hampshire was the name given to the territory granted by the Plymouth Company to Captain John Mason, by patent, in 1639, and was derived from the patentee, who was Governor of Portsmouth, in Hampshire, England. Vermont is from verd, green, and mont, mountain. Massachusetts was named from a tribe of Indians in the vicinity of Boston. Roger Williams says the word signifies blue hills. Rhode Island was so called in 1644, in relation to the Island of Rhodes in the Mediterranean.

New York was named in honor of the Duke of York, to whom this territory was granted. Pennsylvania was called after William Peon. In 1664, the Duke of York made a grant of what is BOW the State of New Jersey, to Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret, and it received its name in compliment to the latter, who had been Governor of the Island of Jersey. Delaware was so called in 1791, after Lord De La Ware. Maryland was named in honor of Henrietta Maria, Queen of Charles L, in his patent to Lord Baltimore, June 3, 1632. Virginia was called alter the Virgin Queen of England, Elizabeth. The Carolinas were named by the French, in honor of Charles IX. of France. Georgia was called, in 1692, after George II. Louisiana was named after Louis XV. of France. Florida received its name from Ponce de Leon, while on his voyage in search of the fountain of youth. He discovered it on Easter Sunday - in Spanish, Pascue Florida. The States of Alabama, Mississippi. Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Arkansas and Missouri, are all named from their principal rivers, and they are of Indian origin, excepting, perhaps, Kentucky - and their meanings involved in some obscurity. Tennessee is said to signify a curved spoon ; Illinois, the River of Men ; Mississippi, the Whole River, or a river formed by the union of many. Michigan was named from the lake on its borders. Iowa is an Indian name; also, Texas, signifying beautiful. California was thus named by the Spaniards at a very early day.