Remarkable Events Predicted By Comets. The Pays, to show the popular belief that comets predict remarkable events is not altogether unfounded, publishes the following table of the visitations of comets, and of the events by which they have been followed :

Before Christ: 480, Battle of Salamis; 431, Peloponnessian War; 331. Battle of Arbela; 43, Death of Caesar. Christian Era: 1, Birth of Christ; 62, Earthquake in Achnia and Macedonia; 70, Destruction of Jerusalem; 79, Eruption of Vesuvius, which caused the Destruction of Herculaneum; 337, Death of Constantine; 400, Invasion of Alaric in Italy; 813, preceded the death of Charlemagne ; 877, Death of Charles-le-Chauve ; 999, preceded the disasters and terrors of the year 1000; 1086, Conquest of England by the Normans; 1233. Death of Philip Augustus ; 1264, Death of Urban IV.; 1265, preceded the Death of Manfred, King of Naples ; 1273, Accession of Rudolph of Hapsburg ; 1293, modified character and conduct, of Koub ai Khan, founder of Tartar domination in China ; 14.54, Taking of Constantinople ; 1500, Irruption of Tartars In Poland, Famine in Swabia, and Expedition of Charles VIII., in Italy; 1516, announced the Misfortunes of Minister under John of Ley den, Invasion of the Turks in Hungary, Civil War in Switzerland, Plague in England, Inundations in Holland, and an Earthquake in Portugal; 1556, Abdication of Charles V.; 1560. Death of Francois II. of France; 1572, the Massacre of St. Bartholomew, and Death of Charles IX.; 1577, King Sebastian makes an unfortunate expedition into Africa, where he lost his life; 1580, Epidemic in Italy and France ; 1793. Execution of Louis XVI ; 1804, Empire ; 1811, Birth of the King of Rome ; 1820, Napoleon considered this comet as a sign that his death was approaching ; 1858 - ? Finally, the comet of 2255 is to cause the end of the world - Newton and other great men having calculated that it will come into collision with the sun, and so damage it that it can no longer give light and heat to the earth.