Quaint Questions. What is the difference between twenty four quart bottles, and four and twenty quart bottles ?

Ans. - 56 quarts difference.

What 3 figures, multiplied by 4, will make precisely 5 ?

Ans - 1 1/4. or 1-25.

What is the difference between six dozen dozen and half-a-dozen dozen ?

Ans. - 792 : Six dozen dozen being 864, and half-a-dozen dozen 72.

Place three sixes together so as to make seven.

Ans - 6 6-6.

Add one to nine and make it twenty.

Ans. - IX; cross the I, it makes it XX.

Place four fives so as to make six and a half.

Ans. - 5 5-5-5.

A room with eight corners had a cat in each corner, seven cats before each cat, and a cat on every cat's tail. What was the total number of cats ?

Ans. - Eight cats.

Prove that seven is the half of twelve.

Ans. - Place the Roman figures on a piece of paper, and draw a line though the middle of it - the upper will be VII.