Separate the legs, and then divide the bird into three parts, leaving each leg and wing together. The breast is then divided from the back, and helped whole, the latter being assisted with any of the other parts. When the party consists entirely of gentlemen, the bird is divided into two by cutting right through from the vent to the neck.

Quails, Landrail, Wheatears, Larks, and all small birds are served whole.

Grouse and Plover are carved as partridges.

Snipe and "Woodcock are divided into two parts; the trail being served on toast.

Wild Duck and Widgeon. The breast of these fowls being the best portion is carvel in slices, which being removed, a glass of old port, made hot, is poured in; the half of a lemon seasoned with cayenne and salt should then be squeezed in, the slices relaid in their places, and then served, the joints being removed the same as in ether fowl.

Partridge 466Partridge 467

Pigeon (breast).

Partridge 468

(pigeon back).

Partridge 469

Like Woodcock, these birds are cut in half, through the breast and back, and helped.