Hare 470

Trussing. - Run a skewer through the two shoulders, at 2; another through the head at 1, or pass it into the mouth and through the body, to keep the head in its place; two others should be passed through the roots of the ears, to keep them erect; and another through the legs at 3. The inside of the ears should be singed out with a hot poker before roasting, and the eyes extracted with a fork. Many people let a hare soak in cold water all night before trussing, but a few hours is quite sufficient to extract the blood.

Carving. - Insert the point of the knife inside the shoulder at 6, and divide all the way down to the rump, on both sides, in the line 6, 7, 8, which will separate the hare into three pieces. Sever the shoulders in the direction of 5, 6, 7, and the legs in a similar manner; as the latter is too large for one person in a large hare, it should be divided from the thigh. Now behead it, cut off the ears close to the roots, and divide the upper from the lower jaw ; then place the former on a plate, put the point of the knife into the forehead, and divide it through the centre down to the nose. Cut the back into several small pieces in the lines 9 - 10, and proceed to assist, giving some stuffing (which is found below 10) and gravy to each person. This can only be done easily when the animal is young; if old, it must be cut up as follows: Cut off the legs and shoulders first, and then cut out long narrow slices on each side of the back-bone in the direction 7 - 8; then divide the back-bone into three or more parts, and behead the hare us usual. The prime parts are the back and legs; the ears are considered a luxury by some, and so are the head, brains, and bloody parts of the neck. The best part of the leg is the fleshy part of the thigh at 8