Pigeon Houses. Dovecots, or pigeon-houses, are of several kinds. If it is intended to keen a large number, the upper floor of a stable, or other building may be removed from the walls, and stepping-tiles fixed. The holes should not be too large, or too numerous, and should always have a southern aspect. Small dovecots may be made of a cask, or boarded box, placed upon a pole, or against the wall, taking care to prevent the entrance or approach of rats. The top should be covered with thatch, so contrived as to shelter the sides from the heat of the sun, and the coldness of the wind. On the sides and top should be resting-boards, on which the birds may bask in the sun. The rearing and training of pigeons require great care, for the domesticated and fancy birds are very delicate. Cleanliness, and a plentiful supply of fresh water is, as with other tamed animals, the first requisite.

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