Remarkable Works Of Human Labor, Nineveh was 14 miles long,8 miles wide, and 40 miles round, with a wall 100 feet high, and thick enough for three chariots abreast. Babylon was 56 miles within the walls, which were 75 feet thick and 100 feet high, with 100 brazen gates. The temple of Diana, at Ephesus, was 420 feet to the support of the roof. It was a hundred years in building. The largest of the pyramids is 481 feet high, and 653 feet on the sides ; its base covers 11 acres. The stones are about 60 feet in length, and the layers are 208 feet. It employed 330,000 men in building. The . labyrinth in Egypt contains 300 chambers and 12 halls. Thebes, in Egypt, presents ruins 27 miles around, and 100 gates. Carthage was 29 miles around. Athens was 25 miles around, and contained 869,000 citizens and 400 slaves. The temple of Delphos was so rich in its donations that it was plundered of $50,000,000, and Nero carried away from it 200 statues.