The World IX Epitome. The number of languages spoken in the world amounts to 3.064 ; 687 in Europe ; 686 in Asia ; 276 in Africa, and 1,264 in America. The inhabitants of the globe profess more than 1,000 different religions. The number of men is about equal to the number of women. The average of human life is about thirty years ; one quarter die previous to the age of seven years ; one half before reaching seventeen. To every one thousand persons, only one reaches one hundred years. To every hundred only six reach the age of sixty-five, and not more than one in five hundred reach the age of eighty. There are on the earth 1000,000,-000 inhabitants ; of these, 333,333,333 die every year, 91,324 every day, 3,780 every hour, 60 every minute, and 1 in every second. These losses are balanced by about an equal number of births. The married live longer than the single, and above all, those who observe a sober and industrious life. Women have more chances of life in their favor, previous to being fifty years of age, than men have, but fewer afterwards. The number of men capable of bearing arms is calculated at one-fourth of the population.