Coincidences. It has been remarked as a curious circumstance that Bonaparte and Wellington were horn in the same year, and that Burns and Hogg, the Scotch poets, were born on the 25th of January ; but it is more remarkable that Shakspeare and Cervantes, the two neatest dramatic poets of modern Europe, died on the same day, in the same year, April 16, 1616. It is further remarkable that Shakspeare. as In the case of the great Raphael, and Sobieski, died on the anniversary of his birth.

The most remarkable coincidence on record, however, is one mentioned on another page, viz. : the death of the two ex-Presidents, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, who were members of the committee of five appointed to draft the Declaration of Independence, their deaths occurring on the same day, and about the same hour, on the fiftieth anniversary of the day which made their names immortal.