Swimming (Safe And Easy Method Of). It maybe premised, that corks of the ordinary form, and bladders, are dangerous and inconvenient in learning to swim. They impede the action of the arms, raise the body too high, and are apt to slip too low down, so as to keep the novice's head under water. By this accident, many persons using corks have been drowned. The objection that it raises the body too high out of the water also applies to swimming-belts, which have the same peculiarity.

The following plan will enable any one to learn to swim, or those who cannot swim, to cross deep water safely. The directions, which are simple, require care: Take a piece of cork, or, for want of cork, light wood, such as deal, and form it into an oval shape, about eighteen inches in its utmost width. Cut a hole in the centre wide enough to admit your neck. Then divide it in two pieces, thus. Then join the two parts on one side with a hinge of gutta percha, or caouehouc, or leather, and on the other side of it with strings. The novice has only to put the two sides round his neck, tie the strings, and while he cannot sink, he has full use of his arms and legs in an upright position, which is the best of all for a beginner in the art of swimming.

The shape of the cork offers no impediment whatever to the progress of the 6wimmer, in the water

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This instrument made in cork, light wood, or bark, would be very convenient to travellers crossing rivers in America, Africa, or Australia, as they could carry a considerable weight packed upon their heads, thus -

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The swimmer carries his blankets and clothes on his head, and his gun over his shoulder, swimming with one hand in the greatest freedom.

For learning to swim, an India-rubber ring cushion, with an opening and string, answers well, but it is liable to get punctured.