Water Gleanings. Hard water, if habitually drunk, is apt to injure the digestive organs, and the glandular and abser-bent system. To this are attributed the goitres to which the inhabitants of mountainous districts are liable. That which runs over gravel is always hard.

To Determine whether Water be Hard or Soft ; that is, fit or not fit for domestic purposes To a glassful of the water add a few drops of solution of soap in alcohol; if the water be pure, it will continue limpid; if it be impure, white flakes will be formed.

To Make Salt-Water Fresh. The distillation of palateable and fresh water at sea was effected by P. Nicole, at Dieppe, by simply causing the steam arising from boiling sea-water, in a still, to pass through a stratum of coarsely-powdered charcoal, in its way to the condenser, or worm-tube.

To Make Sea-Water Fit for WashInG Linen at Sea. Soda put into sea-water renders it turbid; the lime and magnesia fall to the bottom. As much soda must be in as not only to effect a complete precipitation of these earths, but to render the sea-water sufficiently lixivial or alkaline. Soda should always be taken to sea for this purpose.

To Make Artificial Sea-Water. - Take common sea-salt, two pounds; bitter parsing salt, two ounces; magnesia earth, half an ounce; dissolve all in six gallons of river-water. These, it is said, are the exact proportions and contents of sea-water, from an accurate analysation.