Saturn. A planet, 900,000 millions of miles from the sun, 79,000 miles in diameter, and period 30 years, or 10,746 days. Saturn has seven moons, and is also surrounded by a double ring, 205.000 miles in diameter, visible with moderate telescopes, and very beautiful. Saturn used to be considered as the outermost planet, but the Herschel has since been discovered at double the distance ; and, considering the middle distance of the sun to the nearest fixed star, as fifteen millions of millions of miles, there are, probably, hundreds of planets undiscovered; for Herschel is not 2,000 millions of miles distant, so that the space beyond Herschel to the middle distance is 80 times as great as the distance of Herschel from the Sun.

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Saturn, in heathen mythology, the most celebrated of the Titans, and father of Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Juno, and Ceres. The reign of Saturn was called the golden age - because the age of agriculture; but it was followed by arts, refinement, ambition, wars, money, commerce, etc.