Receipt for a Scent Jar. Gum benjamin, storax, sweet orris, nutmeg and cloves, of each one ounce, all bruised in a mortar; throw in a handful of baysalt (at the bottom of a large jar), mixed with some of the spices ; then lay in flowers, and upon every layer of flowers or herbs a handful of baysalt and the rest of the spices. No more spices need be added to the jar, but fresh salt as long as you put in fresh flowers; and as the flowers blow at different times of the year, you must collect them as they appear to have attained perfection, pick them clean from their stalks, and cut the herbs. The best for a jar are violets, roses, geranium flowers and leaves, sweet-scented verbena or lemon-plant, sweet-brier, thyme, lavender flowers, rosmary, clove-pinks, sweet-marjo-ram; keep it close shut for three months, and on opening it will require to be well stirred up with a small wooden spoon or a stick, and will be found to possess a delightful odour.