Serpentine. Is one of the primitive rocks, and although most commonly of a green colour, deviating sometimes into various shades of red, it is often confounded with porphyry. There are two varieties of serpentine, the common and the precious. The common serpentine contains silex, magnesia, alumina, water and iron, and is found in Saxony, Bohemia, Italy, Cornwall, and Scotland, particularly at Portsoy. It is soft, takes a good polish, and is turned into vessels and ornaments of a great variety of shapes. At Zoblitz, in Saxony, several hundreds of people are employed in quarrying and manufacturing this mineral; but the serpentine of Portsoy is much superior to the Saxon in colour, hardness, and transparency, and when cut is very beautiful, Precious serpentine is found in Silesia and Italy; it is soft, and of a dark leaf green. The verd antique is a variety of this kind of serpentine.