Storm Glasses. The following directions may serve for a storm-glass : - Take two drachms of camphor, half a drachm of pure nitrate of potash, and half a drachm of muriate of ammonia. Triturate them together until they are thoroughly pulverised. Put these ingredients into a bottle of about ten inches in length, and one inch in diameter; half fill it with the best alcohol, and add distilled water, until you obtain as heavy a precipitate as you consider necessary. Cork the bottle, not cover it with perforated bladder, as recommended sometimes. The instrument should be kept in the shade, as solar light deranges it. The indications given by these glasses are as follow : - If the weather promise to be fine, the solid matter of the composition will settle at the bottom of the glass, while the liquid will remain transparent; but previous to a change for rain, the compound will gradually rise, the fluid continue pellucid, and small stars will be observed moving or floating about within the vessel. Twenty-four hours before a storm, or very high wind, the substance will be partly on the surface of the liquid, apparently in the form of a leaf; the fluid in such case will be in a state resembling fermentation.