Pastilles. There are various modes of making pastilles. The following are approved recipes : - 1. Take of powdered gum benzoin 16 parts; balsam of tolu, and powdered sandal wood, of each 4 parts; linden charcoal 48 parts; powdered traga-canth, and true labdanum, of each 1 part; powdered saltpetre, and gum Arabic, of each 2 parts; cinnamon water 12 parts. Beat into the consistence of thick paste, and having made into shape, dry in the air. - 2. Gum benzoin, olibanum, storax, of each 12 oz.; saltpetre 9 oz.; charcoal 4 lbs.; powder of pale roses 1 lb ; essence of roses 1 oz. Mix with 2 oz. of gum tragacanth dissolved in a quart of rose water. - 3. The same formula may be varied, by the substitution of pure orange powder for the roses, and oil of neroli for the essence of roses. - 4. By adding a few grains of camphor to the first recipe, a pastille suited to an invalid's chamber is prepared. If the scent of the above seems too powerful, the proportions of saltpetre and charcoal may be increased. Never use musk and civet in. pastilles