Gutta Percha Soles, (How To Put On). Dry the old sole, and rough it with a rasp; after which, put on a thin coat of warm solution with the finger, rub it well in ; let it dry, then hold it to the fire, and, whilst warm, put on a second coat of solution thicker than the first, let it dry; Then take the gutta-percha sole, and put it in hot water until it is soft; take it out, wipe it, and hold the sole in one hand and the shoe in the other to the fire, and they will become sticky; immediately lay the sole on, beginning at "the toe, and proceed gradually. In half an hour, take a knife and pare it. The solution should be warmed by putting as much as you want to use in a cup, and placing it in hot water, taking care that no water mixes with the solution.