The Colossus Of Rhodes. This celebrated statue was considered one of the wonders of the world, and was erected in honour of Apollo. It was made of brass, and was 70 cubits, or about 105 feet in height, being proportionally big in every part. It stood" astride over the haven, so that ships could sail in and out between the legs. In one hand it held a light-house, in the other a sceptre ; and its head represented a golden sun. The distance between the two feet was 1,000 yards, and two men could scarcely embrace its thumb, when their arms were extended. This extraordinary statue was made by Chares, a Rhodian, who was engaged 12 years in its perfection. After it had stood for 66 years, an earthquake displaced it, and the money collected by the Rhodians from the various Grecian states being embezzled, the statue was never replaced or repaired, as intended ; but the image was allowed to remain 804 years upon the ground, when the Saracens having taken the city, sold the " world's wonder," to a Jew as old brass; its weight being 720,000 lbs. avoirdupois. The Jew broke it into pieces, and loaded 900 camels with them. At the present time there is a castle erected on one side, and a town on the other, to mark the places were the feet of the far-famed Colossus were placed.