The Guillotine. This instrument derives its name from a Dr. Guillotin, a distinguished physician in Paris, and a person who embraced with ardour the cause of the revolution, and was elected one of the deputies to the National Assembly. After it had been decided that crimes were personal, Guillotin proposed to substitute decapitation for other punishments, on the ground that, in the opinion of Frenchmen, that species of death did not attach infamy to the family of the criminal. The proposition was adopted: its author then pointed out a machine, which had been long Known, as proper for the infliction of death without giving any pain to the sufferer. Unfortunately for Guillotin, some wags gave his name to the machine, of which he was not the inventor, and which he had only brought into notice. Still more unfortunately, this machine became, in the hands of the ruffians who were masters of France during two years - the duration of which was equivalent to more than two centuries - the instrument of the most horrible vengeance, of the most odious crimes : and Guillotin had a thousand times to grieve at seeing his name attached to the devastating axe frith which the monsters had armed their executioners. After the termination of his political career, Guillotin resumed the functions of a physician, which it would bare been better for his own repose if he bad never quitted. He enjoyed, up to the last moments of his life, the esteem of all who knew him. Dr. Guillotin died on the 26th of May, 1814, aged seventy-six.