Wills. We are favored by an eminent legal functionary with the following : - I hold that whenever two persons save money by their joint industry, the survivor is equitably entitled to the benefit of survivorship ; and that any man who dues not take the proper step for securing this benefit to his wife, in the event of her being the longest liver, is guilty of fraud upon his nearest relative and best friend. And the fact of there being children makes no difference - the woman being as competent and as likely to provide property for them in case she outlives her husband as the man, if the responsibility should fall upon him. Every married man should, therefore, make a will; and I do not know a better form than the following, which is in effect the same as I adopted the day after I was married - above thirty years ago. It is not necas-sary to be prepared by an attorney, but may be copied by the party himself upon a sheet of foolscap or letter paper, care being taken to write the names and dates correctly, and to sign the name at the foot,in the presence of two witnesses who, in the testator's presence, must sign at the places indicated.

The will of J--------B--------, of S--------, in the county of Y--------, State of New York

[grocer]. I give all my real and personal estate and effects, whatsoever and wheresoever, to my wife, M-----B-----. her heirs, executors, administrators, and assignees, absolutely. Dated this--------day of--------, 185-.

Wills 54