2605. Observations On Trussing

Although in New York the various articles are trussed by the poulterer from whom they are purchased, yet it happens that presents from the country are sometimes spoiled for want of a knowledge of the following rules, both on the part of the mistress and cook:

2606. All poultry should be well picked, every plug, or stub, removed, and the bird carefully and nicely singed with white paper. In drawing poultry, or game, care should be taken not to break the gall-bladder - as it would spoil the flavour of the bird by imparting a bitter taste to it, that no washing or any process could remove - nor the gut joining the gizzard, otherwise the inside would be gritty.

2607. Observations On Carving

The carving-knife for poultry and game is smaller and lighter than that for meat; the point is more peaked, and the handle longer.

2608. In rutting up wild-fowl, duck, goose, or turkey, more prime piece may be obtained by carving slices from pinion to pinion without making wings, which is a material advantage in distributing the bird when the party is large.