Experience has shown that 0.25 pound of sugar to 1 gallon of water yields about 2 per cent of proof spirit, or about 1 per cent of absolute alcohol. Beyond this amount it is not safe to go, if the legal limit is to be observed, yet a ginger beer brewed with 0.75 pound per gallon of sugar would be a very wishy-washy compound, and there is little doubt that a much larger quantity is generally used. The more sugar that is used—up to 1.5 or 1.75 pounds per gallon —the better the drink will be and the more customers will relish it; but it will be as "strong" as lager and contain perhaps 5 per cent of alcohol, which will make it anything but a " temperance" drink. Any maker who is using as much as even 0.5 pound of sugar per gallon is bound to get more spirit than the law allows. Meanwhile it is scarcely accurate to term ginger beers, etc., non-alcoholic.

Alcohol Deodorizer

Alcohol............ 160 ounces

Powdered quicklime. 300 grains

Powdered alum..... 150 grains

Spirit of nitrous ether 1.25 drachms

Mix the lime and alum intimately by trituration; add the alcohol and shake well; then add the spirit of nitrous ether; set aside for 7 days and filter through animal charcoal.