A liquid almond cream may be made by the appended formula. It has been known as milk of almond:


Sweet almonds.... 5 ounces White castile soap. 2 drachms

White wax....... 2 drachms

Spermaceti....... 2 drachms

Oil of bitter almonds.........   10 minims

Oil of bergamot...   20 minims

Alcohol.......... 6 fluidounces

Water, a sufficient quantity.

Beat the almonds in a smooth mortar until as much divided as their nature will admit; then gradually add water in very small quantities, continuing the beating until a smooth paste is obtained; add to this, gradually, one pint of water, stirring well all the time. Strain the resulting emulsion without pressure through a cotton cloth previously well washed to remove all foreign matter. If new, the cloth will contain starch, etc., which must be removed. Add, through the strainer, enough water to bring the measure of the strained liquid to 1 pint. While this operation is going on let the soap be shaved into thin ribbons, and melted, with enough water to cover it, over a very gentle fire or on a water bath. When fluid add the wax and spermaceti in large pieces, so as to allow them to melt slowly, and thereby better effect union with the soap. Stir occasionally. When all is melted place the soapy mixture in a mortar, run into it slowly the emulsion, blending the two all the while with the pestle. Care must be taken not to add the emulsion faster than it can be incorporated with the soap. Lastly add the alcohol in which the perfumes have been previously dissolved, in the same manner, using great care.

This preparation is troublesome to make and rather expensive, and it is perhaps no better for the purpose than glycerine. The mistake is often made of applying the latter too freely, its "stickiness" being unpleasant, and it is best to dilute it largely with water. Such a lotion may be made by mixing

Glycerine........... 1 part

Rose water......... 9 parts

Plain water may, of course, be used as the diluent, but a slightly perfumed preparation is generally considered more desirable. The perfume may easily be obtained by dissolving a very small proportion of handkerchief "extract" or some essential oil in the glycerine, and then mixing with plain water.


White wax....... 0.25 ounce

Spermaceti....... 2.5 ounces

Oil of sweet almonds......... 2.5 ounces

Melt, remove from the fire, and add Rose water....... 1.5 ounces

Beat until creamy: not until cold. When the cream begins to thicken add a few drops of oil of rose. Only the finest almond oil should be used. Be careful in weighing the wax and spermaceti. These precautions will insure a good product.


White wax..... 4 ounces

Spermaceti..... 3 ounces

Sweet almond

oil.......... 6 fluidounces

Glycerine...... 4 fluidounces

Oil of rose geranium........ 1 fluidrachm

Tincture of benzoin......... 4 fluidrachms

Melt the wax and spermaceti, add the oil of sweet almonds, then beat in the glycerine, tincture of benzoin, and oil of rose geranium. When all are incorporated to a smooth, creamy mass, pour into molds.


Sweet almonds,

blanched..... 5 ounces

             Castile soap,

white........ 120 grains

White wax..... 120 grains

Spermaceti .... 120 grains Oil of bitter almonds....... 10 drops

Oil of bergamot 20 drops

Alcohol....... 6 fluidounces

Water, sufficient. Make an emulsion of the almonds with water so as to obtain 16 fluidounces of product, straining through cotton which has previously been washed to remove starch. Dissolve the soap with the aid of heat in the necessary amount of water to form a liquid, add the wax and spermaceti, continue the heat until the latter is melted, transfer to a mortar, and incorporate the almond emulsion slowly with constant stirring until all has been added and a smooth cream has been formed. Finally, add the two volatile oils.


Melt, at moderate heat,

By weight.

White wax..... 100 parts

Spermaceti.....1,000 parts

Then stir in

By weight.

Almond oil...... 500 parts

Rose water...... 260 parts

And scent with

By weight. Bergamot oil.... 10 parts Geranium oil.. .. 5 parts

Lemon oil....... 4 parts

By weight.