The usual physiological antidotes to the mydriatic alkaloids from belladonna, stramonium, and hyoscyamus are morphine or eserine. Strong tea, coffee, or brandy are usually administered as stimulants. Chief reliance has usually been placed upon a stomach siphon and plenty of water to wash out the contents of the stomach. The best antidote ever reported was that of muscarine extracted by alcohol from the mushroom, Amanita muscaria, but the difficulty of securing the same has caused it to be overlooked and almost forgotten. Experiments with this antidote showed it to be an almost perfect opposite of atropine in its effects upon the animal body and that it neutralized poisonous doses.

Aqua Aromatica

Cort. cinnam. chinens.      3 parts

Flor. lavandulŠ.....       5 parts

Fol. Menth. pip......       5 parts

Fol. rosmarini.......       5 parts

Fol. salviŠ..........     10 parts

Fruct. fœniculi......       3 parts

Spiritus............     70 parts

Aqua...............   300 parts

Macerate the drugs in the mixed alcohol and water for 24 hours and distill 200 parts.

Aqua Regia

Aqua regia consists in principle of 2 parts of hydrochloric acid and 1 part of nitric acid. But this quantity varies according to the shop where it is used for gilding or jewelry, and sometimes the proportion is brought to 4 parts of hydrochloric acid to 1 of nitric acid.