Make an extract by macerating 1 pound of the best Mocha and Java with 8 ounces of water for 20 minutes, then add hot water enough to percolate 1 pint. One or 2 drachms of this extract will make a delicious cup of coffee. Serve either with or without cream, and let customer sweeten to taste.


Pack 0.5 pound of pulverized coffee in a percolator. Percolate with 2 quarts of boiling water, letting it run through twice. Add to this 2 quarts of milk; keep hot in an urn and draw as a finished drink. Add a lump of sugar and top off with whipped cream.


Coffee syrup may be made by adding boiling water from the apparatus to 1 pound of coffee, placed in a suitable filter or coffeepot, until 2 quarts of the infusion are obtained. Add to this 3 pounds of sugar. In dispensing, first put sufficient cream in the cup, add the coffee, then sweeten, if necessary, and mix with the stream from the draught tube.


Mocha coffee (ground fine)............. 4 ounces

Java coffee (ground fine).............. 4 ounces

Granulated sugar.... 6 pounds Hot water........... q. s.

Percolate the coffee with hot water until the percolate measures 72 ounces. Dissolve the sugar in the percolate by agitation without heat and strain.