This may be prepared in two ways, from the powdered cocoa or from a syrup. To prepare the cocoa for use, dry mix with an equal quantity of pulverized sugar and use a heaping teaspoonful to a mug. To prepare a syrup, take 12 ounces of cocoa, 5 pints of water, and 4 pounds of sugar. Reduce the cocoa to a smooth paste with a little warm water. Put on the fire. When the water becomes hot add the paste, and then allow to boil for 3 or 4 minutes; remove from fire and add the sugar; stir carefully while heating, to prevent scorching; when cold add 3 drachms of vanilla; 0.5 to 0.75 ounce will suffice for a cup of chocolate; top off with whipped cream.


Baker's fountain chocolate ............. 1 pound

Syrup............. 1 gallon

Extract vanilla...... enough

Shave the chocolate into a gallon porcelained evaporating dish and melt with a gentle heat, stirring with a thin-bladed spatula. When melted remove from the fire and add 1 ounce of cold water, mixing well. Add gradually 1 gallon of hot syrup and strain; flavor to suit. Use 1 ounce to a mug.


Hot Egg Chocolate

Break a fresh egg into a soda tumbler; add 1} ounces chocolate syrup and 1 ounce cream; shake thoroughly, add hot soda slowly into the shaker, stirring meanwhile; strain carefully into mug; top off with whipped cream and serve.


Hot Chocolate and Milk.

Chocolate syrup .... 1 ounce

Hot milk........... 4 ounces

Stir well, fill mug with hot soda and serve.


Hot Egg Chocolate.—One egg, 1.25 ounces chocolate syrup, 1 teaspoonful sweet cream; shake, strain, add 1 cup hot soda, and 1 tablespoonful whipped cream.