Difficulty is often experienced in applying an antiseptic dressing to moist surfaces, such as the lips after operation for harelip. A paste for this purpose is described by its originator, Socin. The composition is: Zinc oxide, 50 parts; zinc chloride, 5 parts; distilled water, 50 parts. The paste is applied to the wound, previously dried by means of a brush or spatula, allowed to dry on, and to remain in place five or six days. It may then be removed and a fresh application made.

Potassium bicarbonate .........     32.0 grams

Sodium benzoate ..     32.0 grams

Sodium borate.....       8.0 grams

Thymol..........       0.2 gram

Eucalyptol........       2.0 c. cent.

Oil of peppermint..    ' 0.2 c. cent.

Oil of wintergreen..      0.4 c. cent.

Tincture of cudbear    15.0 c. cent.

Alcohol...........     60.0 c. cent.

Glycerine.........   250.0 c. cent.

Water, enough to

make..........1,000.0 c. centimeters

Dissolve the salts in 650 cubic centimeters of water, and the thymol, eucalyptol, and oils in the alcohol. Mix the alcoholic solution with the glycerine and add the aqueous liquid, then the tincture of cudbear, and lastly enough water to make 1,000 cubic centimeters. Allow to stand a few days, then filter, adding a little magnesium carbonate to the filter, if necessary, to get a brilliant filtrate.

This is from the Formulary of the Bournemouth Pharmaceutical Association, as reported in the Canadian Pharmaceutical Association: