This alloy is used especially in England for the manufacture of teapots, and is very popular owing to the fine white color it possesses. It takes a high polish, and articles made from this alloy acquire in the course of time, upon only being rubbed with a white cloth, a permanent silver luster. The composition of Bath metal is copper, 55 parts; zinc, 45 parts.

Baudoin Metal Alloys

This is composed of 72 parts of copper, 16.6 of nickel, 1.8 of cobalt, 1 of zinc; 0.5 per cent of aluminum may be added.


Macht's Yellow Metal Alloys


This alloy consists of 33 parts of copper and 25 of zinc. It has a dark golden-yellow color, great tenacity, and can be forged at a red heat, properties which make it especially suitable for fine castings.


Yellow.—Copper, 67 to 70 parts; zinc, 33 to 30 parts.


Red.—Copper, 82 parts; zinc, 18 parts.